Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Q&A With Blogger Latanya Barrett

It looks like we have a Q&Aathon going here at Blood Is One. First journalist/commentator Michael Gural-Maiello and now here is a brief talk with Latanya Rene Barrett. Barrett runs a culture blog called Sprinkles and Booze, which tends to cover pop music, entertainment and often takes on a 1990s nostalgia POV. Barrett has been very successful for a blogger - she has contributed to The Huffington Post and successfully monetized her website. 

(BTW - A note to readers: I am very well aware of the weird color tones in this post. I didn't do it on purpose but I actually think it works well and wasn't really worth the effort of altering.)

Here goes with the questions:

What inspired the title "Sprinkles and Booze?"

I dreamt it! I literally woke up one morning and thought "Sprinkles and Booze" and told a friend that it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. She replied with "That should be your blog name!" and I thought it was brilliant and meant to be. 

Sprinkles and Booze focuses alot on your personal views about music, fashion, etc. Is there anything you try to focus on in order to get the attention of other readers?

When I started Sprinkles and Booze, it was meant to be mainly a lifestyle/social blog. As I am advancing in my blogging career, other areas and concepts were born. For example, I am VERY much so into event planning and design. I will be focusing more on events and celebrating life as Sprinkles and Booze moves along. It will also have the lifestyle of a professional party thrower aspect. So it will in fact be a lifestyle blog that heavily focuses on celebration, living life to the fullest, and my views on the wacky but wonderful world we live in. 

What inspired the layout/design of Sprinkles and Booze?

I follow loads of blogs and there is an overall theme I love within all of them. I love colors, I love the easy to read layouts, and I love images that grab my attention. When coming up with the layout and overall theme of my blog, I went with something that was easy on the eye but interesting. I wanted the colors to suit sprinkles AND booze. I feel like it does it well without being over the top. 

Are you using your blog as a launching pad in to any other areas of life? How so?

Yes! My blog will be the brand and face of my professional party throwing. I will showcase anyone's event that I plan and will use it to give exposure to everyone else involved. Whether it be a caterer or a photographer! I love showcasing talented people because they deserve it. 

You've done podcasts with other bloggers through Huffington Post and also have a healthy array of advertisers. Was there anything particular you did that you think made you succeed in social networking online?

I talk...a lot. I would say I spent 80% of my blogging career talking to people. The more you reach out and speak to people one on one the more great opportunities come up. You never know who can help you and win. I firmly believe we are all in this together and as many people there are in the world there are that many opportunities. It definitely gives me the energy to keep on truckin' and living out my dreams. 


  1. Looks like I have to add another blog to my reading list. Thanks for introducing me to Sprinkles & Booze.

  2. No problem, Mike! Latanya puts alot of work in to her operation - she's a pretty awesome lady.