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Trick Trick Let's Work official video

Game Brothas feat. T. Knockerson & Mallski Wallski - PGA

Mark Deez (Featuring Nova-Kane & Fes Taylor) - Gettin Money (Prod by Dia...

All Natural - Phantoms (Remix)

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Carl Roe Biography

Thank you for reading Blood Is One! The compilation forthcoming by the Blood Is One website, We're On Everything, will be released for free very soon and physical copies will be printed and made for sale. Inside each copy will be biographies of Carl Roe and artist Kenan Bell, both of whom have been gracious enough to affiliate themselves with us. Here is the biography of Carl Roe:

If you’re expecting the typical sob story about a musician down on his luck, you just hit the Lotto because you won’t find that here. Born in 1983 in Elgin, Illinois, Carl ‘Roe spent his childhood in the same manner any lower middle-class kid did. Dodging bullies, cussing out the big kids, and skipping class were all staples in his awkward years of growing up. Like many of us, HipHop gave ‘Roe a sense of meaning and expression. When nothing else made sense, it didn’t matter once that beat started.

Yes, ‘Roe did experience his fair share of hard times… but who hasn’t? Credibility doesn’t exist only in a person’s struggles, and a person who doesn’t have a taste for success only takes what is given him. In 2001, his family packed up and moved to Minnesota for a better life. What the hell was ‘Roe going to do now? Music always finds a way, and he linked up with local producer Clowd 9 and performed at local venues while attending college in Mankato. In 2005 music became a dark alley for ‘Roe to the point where it lost its meaning to him. Expression was swallowed by loathsome lyrics and this disconnect prompted the need for him to start over.

In 2005, ‘Roe enlisted in the U.S. Army infantry and embarked on a journey that changed his life forever. Surviving Iraq from 2007-2008, he returned with a new goal to conquer. Exiting the service in 2009, ‘Roe has been preparing for his return to the music scene… This time with more focus and fervor than ever before.

It is 2010, and it’s time to add another spark to Hip Hop’s shine.

Screw the Lotto. If I were you, I’d put my money on Carl ‘Roe…

Get ready for the upcoming full-length album The Broken Time Machine due for release this summer 2011!

50 Cent - I'm On It

I concede with the guys at Ill Roots. 50 seems like he's actually putting some effort into making his sound different.

50 Cent - I'm On It

Miami Horror - Sometimes (Hook N Sling Remix)

Fearless 4 - F-4000

Trick-Trick ft Eminem - Who Want It , NEW SONG

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but here goes again.

Raw Fusion - Throw Your Hands In The Air

Sparky D Vs. The Playgirls - The Battle

Big Boi Offers Amy Winehouse Tribute

Some info from Pop Dust:

When talking about Amy Winehouse, it’s easy to sideline her music or write it off as just more samey retro, the sort that all her successors make. Those successors took many of their cues from Winehouse, of course, but their sheer numbers can clog the market. The thing is, Winehouse’s music was anchored by her voice and her songwriting, not by its backing–Mark Ronson’s a strong producer, but he can’t save everything. Part of the tragedy of Winehouse’s death was how much of a musical force was lost with it.

Big Boi’s previously unreleased remix of “Tears Dry On Their Own” gives us a glimpse of what could have been, stripping the “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” instrumental from the original and replacing it with a less triumphant, more turn-of-the-century R&B backing. That Big Boi was a Winehouse fan or friend isn’t at all surprising–singer-songwriter-legend Kate Bush is among his musical idols. What makes this remix good is how understanding it is, how the tension of the track undoes Winehouse’s self-sufficient declarations in a way that you suspect Winehouse would have, if not necessarily connected with, approved of.

Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry on their Own" (Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix) by Big Boi

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream Girl Kolohe Kai

Queens of the Stone Age Bassist Faces SWAT Team

Here is a very interesting story out of Los Angeles:

Nothing like a stand off in the deserts of…Los Angeles. Okay that set up didn’t pan out like I thought I would but there was a stand off in L.A last night between S.W.A.T. and former Queens of the Stone Age/current Kyuss Lives! bassist, Nick Oliveri. reports that police were called to Oliveri’s home by a neighbor who was reporting a disturbance between the bassist and his girlfriend. Upon arriving, Oliveri wouldn’t let cops into his home and wouldn’t let his girlfriend leave. So a S.W.A.T. team was called and a two-hour standoff took place until eventually Oliveri let the girl go and then gave himself up. When cops entered the house, they found a fully loaded high powered rifle.

The argument between Oliveri and his girl happened because she was coming to his place to move her stuff out. A day before, she told police that Oliveri had struck her during another argument.

The bassist was taken in on felony domestic violence and has since had his bail of $100,000 posted.

Nick Oliveri is actually an amazing bassist. He added crunchiness and effects to Queens of the Stone Age that were never really replaceable upon his departure. Nevertheless, he sounds like quite a difficult individual and his girlfriend is just another on the list - along with Josh Homme and others at Queens of the Stone Age - that had trouble dealing with him.

Grind Time Now presents: The Jackal vs Uno Lavoz

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Stick 'em up! Stick 'em up!

Space Shuttle Era Over: Time Travel Era Just Beginning

Blood Is One usually does not step forth in favor of social issues and whatnot, but we firmly urge every one of our readers to take this guy who posted to Craigslist up on his offer:

I have successfully built a working time machine and need a human test subject that is willing to be the first person to ever travel back in time.
Due to the dimensions of the machine, you must be shorter than 6’3″ and weigh less than 230 lbs. Also, you must be male. That’s not due to the dimensions of the machine, it’s just a personal thing. I think a man should be the first to time travel, just like he was the first to fly an airplane and to walk on the moon.
The pay is $3,000 and, of course, you’ll reap the benefits of being the first person to ever travel back in time (media coverage, endorsements, etc.). You will have to sign a waiver that mainly states:
1. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you when you time travel.
2. You are forbidden from interfering in matters that would disrupt the current timeline (i.e. killing Hitler, warning Hitler about D-Day, etc.).
3. You are not allowed to travel back in time for the purposes of tearing up this waiver before it’s been signed, thereby negating this waiver you’re about to sign. I built a time machine, I’m no moron.

As far as the danger of time traveling in this machine, we sent a dog into the past yesterday and it went off without a hitch. He hasn’t yet returned, but that’s just because animals don’t know how to rendezvous. We would like for you to bring him back, if at all possible.
Lastly, you will need three personal references. I can’t take a chance sending some unscrupulous druggie into the past because you’ll mess everything up for us here in the present. The references must be male. Again, it’s just a personal thing.
If you would like to participate, call me on my cell phone at 919.824.4109.

Odd Future Send Cupcakes to Anti-Violence Protesters at Pitchfork Fest

From Mog Music Network:

Cupcakes can solve a lot of problems and make negative feelings go away, but can they defuse protest? That seems to be what the guys of Odd Future were hoping for at Pitchfork Festival this weekend. They delivered baked goods not only to fans but to anti-violence groups that were there spreading awareness because of the imagery in their lyrics.
The controversy surrounding the hip-hop collective has been going on pretty much since they started hitting it big, with advocates, groups and other musicians talking about the references to violence, homophobia and rape within their songs.
So this weekend in Chicago, some groups took the opportunity to raise awareness about those very issues. From the video below, it seems the groups like Between Friends and Family Shelter Service were there less to silence the act and more to turn the things they talk about into a platform for discussion.
Tyler, the Creator and company delivered cupcakes to the groups and some of their fans. Judging by Tyler’s tweet and the account of one of the women from the groups, they were trying to prove they’re decent guys. Which they very well may be, but that’s an entirely separate issue from whether or not someone has a problem with their lyrics.
“They took some of the fans, too,” said Amanda Wapiennik with Family Shelter Service. “One of them said, ‘See, we’re nice.’ I said, ‘We never said you weren’t.’ … That’s exactly the kind of dialogue and exchange we’re looking for.”
Of course, the controversy around Odd Future is never really going to die, but the groups at Pitchfork seem to have taken on a productive approach to dealing with it by trying to start a conversation and turning the problematic words into something positive, instead of just trying to make them stop.

Royce Da 5'9" - Legendary (Prod. by Travis Barker)

This song has production by Travis Barker and Eminem. It looks like Royce and Yelawolf are bringing hip-hop and Shady Records together.

By the way - using the HTML just didn't work at all when I was trying to do this. I have no idea why. I'm using the direct link from YouTube using the Blogger interface and if you experience any problems with that, please let me know.

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50 Cent Explains The Benefits Of Delaying His Fifth Solo Album

New from Hip Hop DX:

Fif speaks on how he approached penning material with his upcoming LP.

50 Cent has been taking his time with his untitled fifth solo album, a tactic that’s allowed him to better focus on his material. During a press conference at the Festival de Casablanca 2011, Fif explained that he was always racing to meet deadlines with previous albums, but took the Eminem and Dr. Dre approach with this LP.

“I’ve worked longer on this album than any of my other projects. I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the things that I created initially, and go back and revamp things and change things around a bit,” he said. “Both Em and Dre have had opportunities to critique themselves, when I was always on the shot clock. So this time, I get a chance to really make sure I feel like it’s going to be the right music for this time period.”

Like with his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin', the G-Unit general is looking towards his personal life for inspiration on his next release, but realizes the stakes are high.

“My material comes from my actual experience. In a lot of ways, the things that I’m saying, it doesn’t necessarily reflect my mind state at the time, but my first album had all of the dysfunction that I was being exposed to. It went on to be the largest debuting Hip Hop album, selling 12 million records. The task of recreating that came up. So I had to figure out new ways to write things or new portions of my experience to create music based on those things. Now, this album, it’s more creative, I feel like, because I’ve’ had to find things away from those things that I’ve done continuously.”

Eminem I'm On Everything Music Video Die Hard Ft Dr Dre Lil Wayne How To...

No 414: Kenan Bell

A new profile in the Guardian is out on rapper Kenan Bell, a favorite and affiliate of Blood Is One:

Hometown: La Crescenta, Los Angeles.

The lineup: Kenan Bell (raps), Jason Burkhart (beats), Jon Siebels (production).

The background: What do Sting, Tom Bailey of garish 80s pop-dance trio the Thompson Twins, and new LA rapper Kenan Bell have in common? Not a lot, as it turns out. But they are all former schoolteachers. In fact, the 25-year-old Bell, who recently toured Europe with Dizzee Rascal, still is one, spending his days at a private school in Montrose where he teaches something called Language Arts to 4th, 5th and 6th grade kids. Next question: what do MGMT, Morrissey and Kraftwerk have in common? They are all Bell's friends on his MySpace. There's a good reason for this. He has remixed MGMT's Weekend Wars and created a track, titled Save Your Life, based on samples from the Smiths' eerily beautiful account of an abortion, This Night Has Opened My Eyes. We're not sure about the Kraftwerk connection, but we're looking forward to Bell's version of Morgenspaziergang.

If you're already thinking Bell is not like most rappers, there's something else that sets him apart from his peers. He hates hip-hop, and he loathes the idea that he might be seen as a rapper. "I used to pray, like, 'Please, lord, don't let me end up as a rapper,'" he has said. This perhaps explains his insistence on keeping his day job and treating recording and performing as extracurricular, after-hours activities. His distaste for most hip-hop of the last 20 years – since the so-called Golden Age of Hip-Hop, ie that period between the chart hegemony of Run DMC, Beastie Boys et al and the release of De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising and Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet – and desire to distance himself from the hip-hop hordes also probably explain his use of rock samples, and the references to Jim Morrison in his lyrics.

Growing up in the suburbs of LA, his friends included goths, skate-punks, indie kids and ravers. On his MySpace the labels he attaches to his music are "shoegaze" and "emotronic". He counts his students and their parents as his biggest fans. "I've sold more albums to my students than anyone else," he says. Not that he's some sort of Sesame Street hip-hopper rapping his way through the alphabet while balancing a multi-coloured puppet on his knee. On the title track of his debut EP, Good Day, he raps about sex, decadence, miscegenation, sexual and racial equality and the impending 2008 presidential elections over grinding, distorted guitars, and even though there's a message/moral halfway through - "nothing in this world comes without a consequence" – the track actually sounds more powerful than preachy. On Save Your Life he doesn't flinch from the realities of AIDS and abortion, while on Celebrity he pillories label addicts, druggies and delinquent pop tarts who think babies are fashion accessories. It's downbeat and occasionally discordant, but it's good stuff.

The buzz: "Kenan Bell's nerd-chic appearance, easy-like-Saturday-morning delivery, and smoothly blended samples make for the kind of hip hop gone missing since the early '90s."

The truth: There's something oddly appealing about this rapper who hates rappers and has a track called Enjoy on which he sounds thoroughly depressed.

Most likely to: Turn up late for lessons after a long night spearing the vain and vacuous.

Least likely to: Use an overhead projector.

What to buy: The Good Day EP is released on November 17 by Cutlass, followed by the debut album, provisionally titled Sounds Awesome, in early 2009.

File next to: KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, De La Soul.


Tomorrow's new band: The Tough Alliance.

CORY GUNZ "A Millie" Freestyle

Entourage Season 8 Featuring Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane

Eminem Calls In To Sway's First Show on Shade 45

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The A.V. Club Launches Music Festival

I'm sure the sarcasm and irony will be out in force with this one: 

The A.V. Club generally has the right attitude about things, but their proclamation of “screw it, we’re doing a music festival” might be one of their most refreshingly poignant statements yet. And oh, by the way, they aren’t joking around; they really are throwing this thing.

The first edition of the aptly-named A.V. Fest will take place the weekend of September 10-11 in Chicago and will be a fairly small introductory salvo featuring just a dozen bands. So far, five of those acts have been confirmed: Archers of Loaf, The Thermals, Tokyo Police Club, Telekinesis, and Eff Barzelay of Clem Snide Plays the Music of Journey, which is sort of a self explanatory inclusion.

Manikmati Hip Hop Beat - Enso (instrumental)

Eminem - Always Brother *Proof Tribute 2011* (NickT Remix)

People Under The Stairs - Listen

Beavis And Butt-Head Is Back


Hit 90s cartoon Beavis and Butt-head is set to return to our screens in October, creator Mike Judge announced yesterday.

Judge was appearing at the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego when he announced the return, and also treated fans to a sneak peek of the new show.

In the clip, the two teenagers, still wearing their much-loved AC/DC and Metallica shirts, poke fun at shows including MTV's Jersey Shore and Teen Cribs.

Read more:

Jay-Z and Kanye West - Otis

Nice. That's all I have to say. I like how the internet is allowing these guys to just put out raw hip-hop.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rhyming Actors: Donald Glover, Mos Def, Will Smith and the Evolution of the Lyrical Thespians

“Wait, he’s an actor?” I said as I enjoyably listened to his fre(EP).

I had no clue about who Childish Gambino was. At that moment, “who” he was lost precedent to what he could do. I really did not care about his past. I was not concerned about where he was born. I didn’t see any importance in knowing where his parents used to work. All I cared about was that he could rap over leaps and bounds.

And then I found out it was Donald Glover. Oh, wow.

For the uninformed, Donald Glover is the young actor that plays on “Community” as Troy Barnes. Many have seen his Youtube comedy sketches and laughed all the way through (Google Derrick Comedy to see what I am referring to). Also, he writes for NBC. In turn, Donald Glover is a worthwhile thespian.

Knowing that he is an actor, many will probably take issue with his musical aspirations. There are (and will be) quizzical comments about Donald and his true skill. From many different references, people already do. He even made a comment about it in one of his songs. Thus, he is well aware of the naysayers.

The real issue isn’t that he isn’t talented in both. The bigger issue is that so many actors and musicians try to switch trades that it can become nauseating for the fans.

What tends to exacerbate the queasy feeling for most fans is the lack of talent in the acting to music switch. In 2004, Tyra Banks tried to release a song called “Shake Ya Body”. It crashed as soon as it left the ground. Kevin Federline released an album back in 2006 that nobody cared about. Kim Kardashian suffered the same fate when she released “Jam (Turn It Up)” this year. It remains to be seen how many more will knowingly try to become talentless musicians.

The same can be said for some rappers trying to be actors. Nas did very little for his uncharismatic role in Belly. The Game’s acting roles have left much to be desired. 50 Cent has gained very little admiration for his acting prowess. Xzibit? Eh. Andre 3000? He has been cool, but nothing amazing. Even with rappers (some of the biggest actors in entertainment if you get my drift), there are examples of lackluster performances or overall catastrophe.

Thus, there is very little wonder as to why people roll their eyes at the idea: so many people have tried and bombed.

The failures tend to outshine the obvious successes, however. And those obvious successes deserve our unbridled attention.

One of hip hop’s most accomplished lyrical thespians happens to be Mos Def. UTD’s own Dante Smith had the luck of starring in the shortlived Cosby Mysteries. Since then, Mos has appeared in Bamboozled, Monster’s Ball, The Italian Job, Cadillac Records, and Lackawanna Blues. In addition, he was nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe and an Image Award for his role of Vivien Thomas in Something the Lord Made. Mos Def, in conclusion, is one of the most established and revered rapper-actors.

When it comes to bankability, Will Smith wins out hands down. The Fresh Prince has been synonymous with blockbuster movies. From the Turner Broadcasting classic Independence Day to the lovingly witty Hitch, Smith brings in the money. Even his least appealing movies (Wild Wild West) can turn a hefty profit ($170 million to make; $222 million at box office). Therefore, Will Smith’s movies and money making tend to be synonymous.

 The man formerly known as Marky Mark may now be known more for acting than music. Although he started acting in 1995, Mark Wahlberg has made his mark (no pun) in the industry. With films like The Italian Job (along with Mos Def), Shooter, and The Boxer under his belt, he has proven to possess star power. Even as a costar, he can be caught stealing scenes in movies such as The Departed, Date Night, and I Heart Huckabees. Oddly enough, his acting carer has eclipsed the prominence and existence of his musical apsirations. Still, no one can complaine about the switch.

Another rapper to carve their acting niche is LL Cool J. LL, presently known for his role of Sam Hanna in NCIS LA, can be considered a seasoned actor. With a career that went full blown in 1991, he has had numerous roles. LL has appeared in movies like Any Given Sunday, SWAT, Kingdom Come, and Deliver Us From Eva. He also had a role on the TV show In The House. In turn, LL developed an acting career spanning 20 odd years.

Queen Latifah is, by far, the most successful female rapper-actor. Starting out in 1989 (right after her music start), she has appeared in Set It Off, Beauty Shop, And Stranger Than Fiction. Her role in Chicago as Mama Morton garnered her plenty of acclaim and awards, including an Oscar Nomination for best supporting actress. Equally impressive is her role of August Boatwright in The Secret Lives of Bees. Emphatically, Queen Latifah has earned many accolades and warm receptions from the film industry.

None of the list is more ironic than Ice Cube, however. Doughboy started out in the classic Boyz-in-the-Hood. From there, he has been in Higher Learning, Three Kings, Ghost of Mars, and All About the Benjamins. Yet, his biggest successes have come from his Friday series of movies. Serving as a writer and producer/executive producer for each movie, he has grossed over $120 million with modest budgets. The irony of it all: they are comedy movies. Hilariously, Ice Cube, a prominent gangster rapper, has made bank from comedies.

The biggest surprise has to be Ludacris. Chris Bridges is really working to become a well versed actor in different types of roles. From the intelligently angry urban philosophizer which was Anthony (Crash) to playing a hardcore hood rapper (Skinny Black in Hustle and Flow), Luda goes for diversity. Even with roles of Mickey (Rock’n Rolla) and Jim Bravura (Max Payne), he works to do something different. The biggest surprise was his role of Wallace, the sarcastic wisecracking bartender in No Strings Attached. In turn, Ludacris worked to avoid being typecast.

Oh, and special shout outs to go Common, Eminem, and T.I. for making big screen splashes. They are doing great. However, they haven't dominated like all the others. Their time is coming, though. 

Donald Glover finds himself within solid company. Whiles others have failed miserably, there is still a list of people that succeeded. The most important thing to learn from this is that those that were the most successful put work into their craft. When that effort, that labor of love, is given maximum application so much is achieved. Donald Glover has nothing to worry about though: even if he fails he has already succeeded past what many expected him to do anyway.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!

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CaLii ft. Jus Mula - GORILLAZ (Produced By Billy Jones)

9th Wonder Announces Release Date For ‘The Wonder Years’ Album

From Hip-Hop-N-More:

9th Wonder’s debut solo album The Wonder Years has been in the works for almost 4 years now but was repeatedly shelved or pushed back duetoi numerous reasons. The producer today announced on AHH that it’s finally coming on September 27th this year. Guests expected to make appearance are Marsha Ambrosius, Kendrick Lamar, Warren G., Big K.R.I.T., David Banner, Erykah Badu, Murs, Mac Miller, Big Remo, Rhapsody and Phonte.

“If there was ever a better time to express how I feel about Hip-Hop music, black music, or just music in general, it would be to do it now, on this project. My career has been from the depths of the underground, to the pop charts, but it has always stayed my sound, and what I believed in to be pure. Welcome to the Wonder Years.”

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NEW MUSIC! Kenan Bell and Carl Roe - Killers

My friends Carl Roe and Kenan Bell have dropped the lead single for our soon-to-be-released exceptional mixtape We're On Everything - "Killers." Enjoy:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yelawolf's Tour Bus

I thought that this picture was pretty cool:

Music Bloggers Hack Record Industry by Launching Indie Labels

A great article is up in Wired Magazine about how "tastemaker" music blogs, just like Blood Is One, are creating indie labels of their own and bringing new music to the forefront:

For Tom Krell, his latest record is extremely meaningful. Krell, who records as How to Dress Well, created the EP as a tribute to a friend who died last year. It’s an orchestral reimagining of music Krell previously released, inspired by the kindred spirit he lost.

As a collection of music, How to Dress Well’s Just Once is a tragically magnificent remembrance. It’s intimate. And that intimacy makes the way the record is being released meaningful as well.

“It’s a memorial record, something very close to my heart,” Krell said to “I needed a label that would allow me to do it exactly my way — have it be something grand, yet intimate and not something overly commercial.”

Krell’s heartfelt EP is being released by small label Love Letters Ink, which is run by San Francisco music video blog Yours Truly. Just Once is a very small release — only 1,000 10-inch vinyl copies of the record are going up for sale — and each $14 EP will ship with a copy of a handwritten letter from Krell.

In addition to the vinyl and letter, fans get a password to view behind-the-scenes footage of the EP’s recording done in the easy-going style for which Yours Truly is known. ($1 of each sale goes to mental health organization MindFreedom, and digital versions of the record were made available through Bandcamp for $4 Tuesday.)

“Some labels put their heart into it, but at the end of the day, their goal is to sell records,” Krell said. “But with Love Letters Ink, they seemed to have a different approach. We want to sell the record, of course. But it felt like they weren’t concerned in the first place about releasing a marketable product as much as releasing a piece of art — something that they were proud of.”

It’s not a common way to release a record, but putting out an album through a popular indie music blog is a pretty smart way to hack the traditional record industry business model. Yours Truly is just the latest indie music blog to launch a label, serving up lovingly crafted offerings and using the kind of promotional savvy that traditional record companies can’t seem to muster.

Yelawolf Interview

Chingo Bling presents: WETBACK WEDNESDAY #6

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camp Lo & Pete Rock - 80 Blocks

Camp Lo/Pete Rock-80 Blocks from Tiffany's mixtape by djtrackstar

Sunday Night Sound Session

Here is the link to the latest Saturday Night Sound Session:

Kendrick Lamar – “Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)”
Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – “Trouble On My Mind”
Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson, & Termanology – “Meteor Hammer”
Common ft. Nas – “Ghetto Dreams”
Dyme Def – “Bring It In” (Local Music)
Dom Kennedy ft. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks – “New Jeeps”
Drake – “Dreams Money Can Buy”
Big K.R.I.T. – “King’s Blues”
Outkast – “Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Part 1)” (Throwback of the Week)
Don Trip – “Letter 2 My Son”
Co$$ ft. Shawn Jackson – “When I Feel”
Helluvastate – “Brain Champagne” (Local Music)
Freddie Gibbs – “Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away”
Consequence ft. Kid Cudi – “On My Own”
TiRon & Ayomari ft. Seinabo Sey – “Back 2 U”
The Black Opera – “Sleep Tight”
Neema ft. Sol & Lace Cadence – “Black Roses (It’s Over)” (Local Music)
Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun ft. Top Dog & Jahdan Blakkamoore – “This One”
Purple HeArts – “Know Go”
Shi Wisdom ft. KJ – “LoveSpeak”

Eminem feat.RZA, Tech N9ne, Xzibit... - The Anthem (Explicit)

NEW MUSIC: Sonny Bonoho Feat. Bizarre of D12

"Dark Knight Rises" Poster Revealed

Read more here.

Big K.R.I.T. Names Album And Release Date

Mississippi phenom and BOI favorite has announced via Twitter the title and release date for his upcoming album.

Sunday Night Sound Session

Blood Is One is uniting alongside DJ Hyphen and Sunday Night Sound Session in order to bring his locally produced Seattle jams to a national audience. If you haven't listened to his show, which airs Sundays on Seattle's Kube 93 radio station, you should. DJ Hyphen is one of the most talented and strong DJs in modern hip-hop and has a great attitude towards mixing the underground and the mainstream.

  • Curren$y – “She Don’t Want A Man”
  • Kendrick Lamar – “Hol’ Up”
  • Rapsody ft. Raekwon – “Black Diamonds”
  • Nas – “Take It In Blood” (Throwback of the Week)
  • Nas – “Nasty”
  • Elzhi – “One Love”
  • Helluvastate – “Make Moves” (Local Music)
  • TiRon & Ayomari ft. Seinabo Sey – “Back 2 U”
  • Cocaine 80’s – “Summer Madness”
  • Casual ft. Mike Frost – “Sunday’s Best”
  • Shabazz Palaces ft. Thee Satisfaction – “Swerve…the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)” (Local Music)
  • Shabazz Palaces – “Recollections of the wraith” (Local Music)
  • J. Cole – “Work Out”
  • The Cool Kids ft. Mayer Hawthorne – “Swimsuits”
  • Random Axe ft. Roc Marciano – “Chewbacca”
  • Royce Da 5’9” – “Second Place”
  • Apathy – “Check To Check”
  • Blue Scholars – “Anna Karina” (Local Music)
  • Thurz – “Prayer”
  • H.O.P.E. ft. Jhene Aiko – “Do Better Blues”
  • Drake – “Marvin’s Room”

  • Read more:

    There are three different direct links to the show, so choose your favorite at Mediafire, Hulkshare or Zshare.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    50 Cent Identifies With Rapper Kidd Kidd

    This is pretty interesting:

    Rapper Kidd Kidd is on the mend after suffering multiple gunshot wounds while en route to a relative's house in his New Orleans 'hood just a few weeks back. This past weekend Kidd was publicly spotted for the first time since the shooting on the set of now fellow G-Unit artist Tony Yayo's video shoot for the clip "Haters." While in between shooting takes, boss 50 Cent sat down with RapFix and spoke on the similarities between Kidd Kidd and himself.

    "Columbia, when that situation took place with me, they walked away from me just because they're not familiar with the actual environment and what happens at different points," 50 recounted. "It don't make me no difference: I understand it."

    During his initial record deal with Columbia Records 50 experienced another unfortunate situation when he was dropped from his deal shortly after he was shot nine times. While the move was major setback for the Queens rapper it was that drive and passion that resulted from the situation that propelled a determined 50 Cent to take over the rap game. In Kidd, 50 sees a familiar scenario.

    "Them boys down in New Orleans, they're active," 50 told MTV News. "It's a lot goin' on down there, and because I experienced it, I didn't move away from it. I actually ID'd with the situation a little more. He got hit six times, he got a bag on now," 50 said as Kidd Kidd lifted his shirt to reveal a colostomy bag on the set of Tony Yayo's "Haters" video.

    The New Orleans rapper made a name for himself after he was linked to Lil Wayne and most recently G-Unit affiliate Sha Money XL. FOr the most part, Kidd is more than happy to be down with the Unit.

    "It's a blessing getting down with Fif. It's real, it's all love," Kidd said. "There ain't too many real people in the industry, period. I've been around a lot, and right now it's time. I never felt like this before."

    DJ Khaled bring out Machine Gun Kelly at Summer Jam

    Carl Roe - Stuntman

    We're building up towards the release of the Blood Is One: We're On Everything mixtape and Carl Roe's EP The Broken Time Machine. Alot of time has been put into both projects precisely because we want these projects to be as solid as possible.

    Carl's lead single "Stuntman" has stellar production, along with vocal contributions by Seattle phenom J. Bre. I like the concept alot and it takes down the haters that try to bring down artists without getting down in the trenches with them too much.

    Stuntman ft. J Bre by carlroemusic

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Weekend Update with Paul Mooney Jr. - Basketball Wives, Eddie Long, and ...

    That's Rocawear: Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar - F*ck Your Ethnicity [Section .80]

    Mike Coigne - Who I Am - (2) I'm Still Here

    Paul Mooney Rips on Michael Richards, Greta Van Susteran too

    Copperpot - Get Right (ft Earatik Statik)

    Das Racist Preps First Album, "Relax"

    From The Audio Perv:

    Overtly political pop-rap experimentalistsDas Racist, like Atlanta-based hip-hop group Tag Team, are “back again” with theirsprawling, visionary cyberdelic, Black Eyed Peas-ian, epic tone-poem of a debut album, RELAX slated for release September 13th on Greedhead Music, the imprint piloted by member Himanshu Suri. Featuringproductionfrom Diplo, Vampire Weekend’s ROSTAM, Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder, DrakesongwriterFrancis FarewellStarlite, and cameos from beloved Detroit rapeccentricDanny Brown, El-P and the ever-reclusive tiny genius rapper Despot, the album is almost exactly like Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in every conceivable way. Relax, a musical experiment inpop art, will be the first commercially available release byDas Racist. With sales projected at around 100,000 units (grossing roughly one million dollars), it would still only do 25% as well as Kanye West’s College Dropout, but at least will afford them thefinancial securityto pursue their many other projects.

    Das Racist‘s ascent to popularity was kick-started in 2008 when they released the viral hit “Combination Pizza Hut Taco Bell”. While some hailed the song as socio-political consumer commentary and others regarded it as a humorous exercise in repetition, the critical chatter from outlets like NPR, Spin Magazine, The New York Times, New Yorker, and Rolling Stone hasn’t subsided. Suri and fellow Wesleyan alumnus Victor Vazquez (aka Kool A.D.) have delivered two free “mixtapes” thus far (Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man) andaddedSuri’s childhood friend from Queens, Ashok Kondabolu or Dapwell, to spiritually advise and enhance the live set. They will be touring the US and other markets in support of the record throughout this autumn and fall.

    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License:Attribution

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Paul Mooney Jr. On Planking

    Jay-Z Previews "Watch The Throne"

    From Ill Roots:

    Last night in New York City, Jay-Z invited a few journalists to a SoHo hotel to preview Watch The Throne, his upcoming album with Kanye West. The articles are above in which details regarding the release are revealed, including working titles and choice information on certain tracks.

    Eminem- Dr. West Skit Animated Video

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Raekwon-Rich & Black feat Nas


    Brook Gang Music and DJ Chose - Pick it up (Music Video)

    Cults reworking debut album as a Hip-Hop Mixtape

    This is great. I love seeing outsiders give hip-hop the respect we deserve:

    While it’s true that Cults’ rather plain debut could have done with a little livening up, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion seem to be taking it to the extreme with plans to release a hip hop mixtape version of the album. As Brian recently told Spinner, they’re “changing all the songs up and getting up-and-coming rappers, guys like Freddie Gibbs and Lil B [to guest on them].”

    “That’s going to be really exciting. We’re dealing with a lot of really bizarre managers and interesting personalities,” he added.

    GBTV: Game Brothas & Mallski Wallski go wild at Oakland Raiders Game

    Chlo/Sounds Awesome @ FOX Theatre

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Gucci Mane and DJ Holiday- Writings' On The Wall 2 (mixtape review)


                    Radrick Davis supposedly got out of the clink (jail) just yesterday and went straight to the strip club. Yes, I said that right: the strip club. Too bad the rumors weren’t true. Still, they dropped Writing’s On The Wall 2 to commemorate the rumor mill. Taking a good listen to it, I have one thing to say about this mixtape: it is so run-of-the-mill.

                    Before anyone goes for the “You’s a hater” claim, please do me two favors: a.) Use correct English, you peon. And b.) read the review so you can understand my claim.

                    From off top on this mixtape, the music sounds so typical and redundant. And I do not hate on monotonous sounding music. Yet, there are times when it seems like Gucci was going through the motions. He rolls through “Tragedy”, “Hard On A Bitch”, and “Lil Friend” with very little fanfare. Even YC goes in to outshine him on “Psycho” (yes, the “Racks on Racks” kid). Sometimes, I feel Gucci Mane is too busy on cruise control when he rhymes.

                    Right after that, Gucci starts to pour some effort into his rhyme schemes and vocal voracity. “Burr” sounds like it can be another hit.  “Translation” comes off a little better with the beats and rhymes. With both of these tracks, you can see that Gucci was in the mood to try and let loose. Plus, “Burr” is probably the most dynamic sounding song on this mixtape. So, there are some moments of effort.

                    Still, after all that? He goes back into lazy mode. “Play Your Cards” is banging as is, yet Gucci still finds a way to not come with the energy.  Once again, YC’s contribution is better than Gucci’s rhymes. “Too Turnt Up” is cool as it is. However, Yelawolf eats Gucci’s verse worse than Eminem ate Jay on “Renegade”. Even the songs with 50 Cent and Jagged Edge (“MVP” and “Recently”) don’t do much for Gucci’s lyrical shine. As in the songs before “Burr”, energy is not Gucci’s best friend.

                    This mixtape is for those that want that typical Gucci Mane. You know who you are: the ones that like listening to him because he’s laid back. However, for those that respect some type of lyricism and catchiness, this mixtape is lacking. Maybe it could be the need for him to break out and grow. However, this collection of music will impress no one but the dire hard fans (if that).  

    Kendrick Lamar - Malcolm X

    K-Boy Feat. Kendrick Lamar - "Malcolm X" from K Boy on Vimeo.

    50 Cent Talks Working With Eminem

    From MTV:

    50 Cent is no stranger to the headlines, and the always gregarious rap star entertained listeners this weekend on with a phone call to DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 show shortly after an interview with Hip Hop twin titans Bad Meets Evil in where Eminem and Royce Da 5’9discussed a wide array of topics. However, it was 50 Cent’s revelation of working with Slim Shady on new tracks and his comments on Amber Rose’s leaked nude photos that got the most attention.

    50 Cent, enjoying a holiday weekend on the cusp of his 36th birthday, spoke with Whoo Kid at length and even joked about his much ballyhooed new hairstyle – cleverly quipping that his hairdo got more attention than more pressing matters. The G-Unit general also went into great detail about his upcoming untitled fifth studio album and going back to his hardcore Hip Hop roots. Fif’s big reveal, however, was that he’ll be working alongside Eminem again – the man who gave him his big break.

    “I recorded four songs in Detroit with Em,” said 50 in talking up his upcoming record. “I did two with Just Blaze, a Boi-1da joint and I did something with Alex Da Kid. I mean I got some heat.” 50 also shared that Eminem serves not only as a collaborator but a part-time A&R for the rapper, helping shape and finalize his album material. “When me and Em get together, if you look at all the collaborations, we made records that were really strong album cuts,” said 50. “We always go into it that way.”

    Fif will never be accused of being a shrinking violet, especially when to commenting on the news of the day and the Queens native most certainly chimed in on the steamy nude flicks of model and Wiz Khalifa’s better half Amber Rose. Fif hum offered, “Well, at least it didn’t look bad” – and 50 continued to go in from there. “Let me tell you something, things like that don’t hurt, that’s promotion.” An observant 50 Cent remarked, “Her shoes changed in the pictures” – along with stating that Amber Rose took those photos with the intention of them being seen.

    Fif continued by saying that Amber Rose’s photos were not the work of a random moment of spontaneity but rather a planned thing in where she crafted the seductive photos at her behest. 50 also said the photos may have been taken for a significant other but was certainly done under Rose’s directions.

    Godd Boddies - I Know Myself (Remix)

    Rec Center "Verbal Abuse"

    Breaking The Illusion - Can You Understand (12")

    Source Of Labor - Overstandings (Wetlands Remix)

    Jay-Z And Kanye West's Watch The Throne Ready For Pre-Order

    From MTV:

    Fans are about to go H.A.M. As speculation over the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration album Watch the Throne continues to grow, fans can start to put their money down as Def Jam has begun taking pre-orders Monday (July 4). As far as a release date, the ship date on customer receipts is listed as 2011-08-02.

    Fans who log onto Jay-Z’s Life and Times lifetsyle site can see the Watch the Thronecover on full display on the homepage. The cover is divided into 30 panels and folks who click on any one of the panels will be taken to a page where they can pre-order the CD. Once they click to pre-order fans are re-directed to the Island Def Jam page where they can enter their credit card information.

    The deluxe CD is being sold for $16.99, while the standard CD goes for $13.99. The album is also available in MP3 versions; with the deluxe copy going for $14.99 and the standard digital album priced at $11.99. Shipping costs and taxes are not included.

    The album’s cover is metallic gold, with what looks to be embossed graphics. Neither Hov or West’s name appear on the cover, the project's title is also absent.

    On Wednesday (June 29), Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music signee CyHi the Prynce confirmed on“RapFix Live” that they album was done, but he could not confirm a release date. "They are ready to go. Right now, all the music and everything is done," CyHi told Sway. "But you know my guy — we over here with [Kanye], so 'Ye is gonna add his last little pizzazz, and it's going to be ready for you guys soon."