Saturday, July 2, 2011

Future Imperfect: Ivy Sole- Memoirs of an Overachiever (blend tape review)

Twitter is one of the most interesting places. Not only do you chat it up with regular people, but you also chat with artists, future artists, and wannabe stars. I just so happen to come across Ivy Sole, recent high graduate and future college student. Yet, that hasn’t been her biggest selling point. Her most compelling component has been her relentless pursuit for music. This leads me to review her blend tape: Memoirs of An Overachiever.

If there is anything that needs to be said is that she puts much effort towards being a proficient lyricist. “Criminal” samples the Onyx “Last Daze” instrumental and allows her to reflect on her being a “dirty rotten criminal”. “Take Off” lets her get into the borrowed instrumental to let loose. “Starchaser” allows her to do the same over the Charles Hamilton melody. What can be said is that Ivy Sole has panache and confidence on the mic.

Yet, this project is not perfect. For one, there seems to be times that her energy level doesn’t match the production. An example of this is “Senior Skip Day”, which was actually beautifully written. Another issue is that her recordings need more editing. One can tell that she did a lot of this by herself or with very little help. In turn, some professional fine tuning would have done this blend tape even more justice.

There is only one thing I can truly say about Ivy Sole: she got raps and concepts. She got rhymes, cadence, and stories to tell. However, she needs to adjust herself into making more “professional recordings”. Meaning: she needs to hit up a studio, get some original production, and get her music mixed down. Conclusively, Ivy Sole is nice; now she needs to take it to the next level to make this aspiration into a more relevant artistic endeavor.   

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