Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gucci Mane and DJ Holiday- Writings' On The Wall 2 (mixtape review)


                Radrick Davis supposedly got out of the clink (jail) just yesterday and went straight to the strip club. Yes, I said that right: the strip club. Too bad the rumors weren’t true. Still, they dropped Writing’s On The Wall 2 to commemorate the rumor mill. Taking a good listen to it, I have one thing to say about this mixtape: it is so run-of-the-mill.

                Before anyone goes for the “You’s a hater” claim, please do me two favors: a.) Use correct English, you peon. And b.) read the review so you can understand my claim.

                From off top on this mixtape, the music sounds so typical and redundant. And I do not hate on monotonous sounding music. Yet, there are times when it seems like Gucci was going through the motions. He rolls through “Tragedy”, “Hard On A Bitch”, and “Lil Friend” with very little fanfare. Even YC goes in to outshine him on “Psycho” (yes, the “Racks on Racks” kid). Sometimes, I feel Gucci Mane is too busy on cruise control when he rhymes.

                Right after that, Gucci starts to pour some effort into his rhyme schemes and vocal voracity. “Burr” sounds like it can be another hit.  “Translation” comes off a little better with the beats and rhymes. With both of these tracks, you can see that Gucci was in the mood to try and let loose. Plus, “Burr” is probably the most dynamic sounding song on this mixtape. So, there are some moments of effort.

                Still, after all that? He goes back into lazy mode. “Play Your Cards” is banging as is, yet Gucci still finds a way to not come with the energy.  Once again, YC’s contribution is better than Gucci’s rhymes. “Too Turnt Up” is cool as it is. However, Yelawolf eats Gucci’s verse worse than Eminem ate Jay on “Renegade”. Even the songs with 50 Cent and Jagged Edge (“MVP” and “Recently”) don’t do much for Gucci’s lyrical shine. As in the songs before “Burr”, energy is not Gucci’s best friend.

                This mixtape is for those that want that typical Gucci Mane. You know who you are: the ones that like listening to him because he’s laid back. However, for those that respect some type of lyricism and catchiness, this mixtape is lacking. Maybe it could be the need for him to break out and grow. However, this collection of music will impress no one but the dire hard fans (if that).  

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