Monday, July 25, 2011

Queens of the Stone Age Bassist Faces SWAT Team

Here is a very interesting story out of Los Angeles:

Nothing like a stand off in the deserts of…Los Angeles. Okay that set up didn’t pan out like I thought I would but there was a stand off in L.A last night between S.W.A.T. and former Queens of the Stone Age/current Kyuss Lives! bassist, Nick Oliveri. reports that police were called to Oliveri’s home by a neighbor who was reporting a disturbance between the bassist and his girlfriend. Upon arriving, Oliveri wouldn’t let cops into his home and wouldn’t let his girlfriend leave. So a S.W.A.T. team was called and a two-hour standoff took place until eventually Oliveri let the girl go and then gave himself up. When cops entered the house, they found a fully loaded high powered rifle.

The argument between Oliveri and his girl happened because she was coming to his place to move her stuff out. A day before, she told police that Oliveri had struck her during another argument.

The bassist was taken in on felony domestic violence and has since had his bail of $100,000 posted.

Nick Oliveri is actually an amazing bassist. He added crunchiness and effects to Queens of the Stone Age that were never really replaceable upon his departure. Nevertheless, he sounds like quite a difficult individual and his girlfriend is just another on the list - along with Josh Homme and others at Queens of the Stone Age - that had trouble dealing with him.

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