Friday, August 16, 2013

Calling Out Pauly D

There was an article recently in Gawker about the most highly paid DJs. What was saddest about it was how much money they really make. 

Pauly D made $13 million last year for playing other people's music at parties. Most normal people, on the other hand, are struggling to feed your family while doing work that actually impacts other people's lives positively. And they say our economic system isn't funky. 

When I posted it, a friend of mine from the Pacific Islands called Pauly D out - my friend DJ Nemesis is based on the Pacific Island of Guam. The island's not wealthy and my bro isn't making $13 million a year but he is fully confident that he is better than Pauly D in a DJ battle.

If you're reading this, Pauly, prove you're worth 13 mill. What have you got to lose? Holla at me at and I'll do my best to help make the battle possible.

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