Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Introducing Capriccio

One of the most interesting aspects about the growing Seattle hip-hop scene is an overall developing sound. Will all artists follow a darker, smarter approach to hip-hop like Grayskul or Macklemore have done or will they opt more for what has been done before? I recently got tapped in on a new local project - a rapper called Capriccio, whose work you can find on Soundcloud.

Capriccio fits with the overall Seattle sound (and his name also fits with one of the coffee capital's favorite beverages. On "Washington Ballad," his flow actually sounds a little bit like Oakland's Del tha Funkee Homo Sapien while the beat sounds quite a bit like Pale Soul or some of the Seattle/Portland crew Oldominion's earlier 2000s work.

 One of my favorite songs on here is "Asshole." If Seattle is moving hip-hop in new directions, it will still adopt some of the old tough talk but in a more realistic manner. Very few of us are really living the shoot out gangsta lifestyle but more than a few of us are straight assholes. It's a trait that probably shouldn't be glamorized but should at least be acknowledged.

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