Tuesday, May 24, 2011

50 Cent Got Rich But Is Still Trying

I am really feeling for Curtis Jackson. Ever since Get Rich Or Die Trying, 50 has been trying again and again to recreate that buzz he once had. Whether it's been through acting in a host of movies that all were particularly unmemorable or now releasing enough material online to warrant a full fledged album, 50 desperately wants to be the top dog again.

From his rants on songs like "Run Up On Me," where he says people "act like the gift God gave me is gone," it sounds like 50 feels rejected. This is one-dimensional. What 50 needs to realize is that the audience has grown and he hasn't.

From Kanye West to Drake to Kenan Bell (watch for him), the hip-hop audience seems to have accepted men who wear their emotions and human frailty on their sleeves. From watching 50 in music and elsewhere in media, he strikes me as someone who, because of a harsh coming of age, learned to wire shut his inner most and talk tough to survive. His songs all sound the same as what he was doing in 2003. There's no growth at all. Even his album mates on Shady Records - like Bizarre of D12, Eminem and new signee Yelawolf - have shown growth as artists. Why can't he?

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