Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blood Is One Needs Your Financial Help

Blood Is One has just been dropped by one of its major advertisers - Mog Music Network. The justification by the people at Mog was that Blood Is One had posted far too many videos that didn't adhere to their standards - too many postings of music with one line or just titles explaining what they were.

I can see why they would be concerned about this but I am nevertheless a bit offended by the whole thing. Blood Is One never stopped providing full fledged articles. We only posted new music to keep people posted in between our producing new work. Blood Is One cannot operate without anyone's support. This isn't a free ride - the writing, the coverage, the interviews, this is hard work.

Since we've started, Blood Is One has worked tirelessly to promote artists that will be the future of hip-hop. I like to think that we've had a healthy role in helping the careers of Carl Roe, Kenan Bell, CaLii, Shimon and Game Brothas.

I will be staking out new advertisers as needed, however, we're going to need your help in the meantime. I am starting up a pledge drive for support for our website. Donate whatever you see fit - $1 or $100. Thank you.

Fundraising widgets will be up shortly, allowing you to donate as much as you want and help insure that this unique voice in hip-hop maintains.

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