Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Open Letter To Mog Music Network And Its Affiliates

A couple months ago, checks were swimming in due to my approval by Mog Music Network. We were doing great.

Suddenly, the fine folks at Mog tell us that we are no longer welcome with their enterprise. The reasoning?

Your has been audited and does not meet the content guidelines we've set forth as part of our affiliate agreement and in previous emails sent in the last week.

This is not a judgment on the quality of your site, but in order to continue serving ads to all of our publishers we need to make sure these requirements are met.

If in the future you feel your site fulfills the requirements of the network, you are able to re-apply at any time at Until that time, we have to remove your site from the network.

We have 762 followers on Twitter (at last check) and the affiliation of many talented rappers from all over the world - Game Brothas, Kenan Bell, Carl Roe, Shimon, CaLii, Simply Simone and others. I am confident that our readers will help support us and that we also will receive new advertisers.

What is really annoying here is that Mog would drop us like this for such a superfluous reason and with little explanation behind it. If you look through our history, you will find that the majority of our content is full fledged, often very lengthy articles like this one. We don't just post music willy-nilly. The music we did post was in order to promote all of the content we were being sent on Twitter. Often enough of a description was needed just to put in the header and not necessary to put at the very top of the page.

Now, your boy is doing quite a bit of adapting. I am currently in the small island of Guam. While my uncle has lived here ten years and my aunt got married and had her daughter here, there is still alot of cultural and environmental adaptation that one has to take under in a place like this. To get gipped by Mog in a situation like that was certainly very insulting and certainly not done at the right moment. There was no warning or anything and when my ads were dropped, I had to call and send out e-mails to find out why. That's not professional at all.

I don't really seek restitution here but I do hope to warn everyone who is affiliating themselves with Mog. These guys obviously don't think much of their clients. When you sign up with them, keep that in mind.

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