Monday, December 17, 2012

Stuck In My Head – Black Vikings - Immortal Technique feat. Poison Pen, Styles P., Vinnie Paz

Goddamn this song makes me want to break something!

If you want to know what separates believable MC’s from “we don’t believe you, you need more people”, listen to this song.   It’s conviction.  That’s what makes a good writer, a good rapper, or a good anything.   This joint is a study in conviction and who’s believable.

Cause let’s be honest, when Technique says “skin, wear wolves and rape demons at midnight…” I believe him.  Now Styles P., who is a dope MC in his own right, when he tries to match Tech in bloody savage talk, it’s decent, the flow is on point, the rhymes are nice, but it kinda feels like he’s not quite in his lane. Part of it is just Styles is kind of a laid back MC and it just doesn’t fit the beat. Vinnie Paz drops a decent verse at the end to finish things off nicely.  Paz is one of those dudes who, when he’s on the right beat, can be just as powerful as Tech, but as is his tendency, he gets into a weird mixture of hardcore street  shit, and apocalyptic, metaphysical weirdness. 

I interviewed Tech once a long time ago.  He’s just as passionate in person as he is on record.  He’s the kind of MC you might not agree with, but the sheer force of his personality and conviction make all the ridiculous shit he says not out of the realm of possibility.

Of course none of that would matter if the beat didn’t match the lyrics, it feels huge, impending doom, a mix of murderous drums, tense violins, and ominous horns.

You can download this joint, along with the rest of the songs from Tech's latest mixtape The Martyr here.

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