Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stuck In My Head

Yeah, basically this will be a series of me obsessing over songs.  Stuff that gets stuck in my head, stuff I put on repeat a dozen times when it comes on.  Songs I listen to that make me wish that 90% of the rappers out now would listen to, develop overwhelming shame at the wack shit they put out, and stop rapping.

So...first up:

Sean Price – Straight Music from the LP Mic Tyson

This has been on repeated repeat since I got my hands on Price’s Mic Tyson album. Part of it’s the beat, hypnotic, a little ominous; it’s late night under a streetlight music and not too surprisingly – given how much work he’s done with the Duck Down fam, produced by 9th Wonder. 9th has a talent for providing the kind of moody, grimy background the Duck Down kids sound good over and this one nails it.
“Stuck in a jam 
Why you wanna fuck with me fam
I’m tryin’ to live a square life you wanna fuck up my plan
Under a bus? Fucker I’ll throw you under a van
Throw the van in reverse and then I’ll do it again”
So cold! Those first two bars set tone. Part of what you have to dig about Sean P is that he isn’t your typical money ‘n’ hoes asshole rapper. He’s not stunting, he’s not bragging on his jewelry, he’s not talking about his car. He just wants you to know two things:
1) Leave him alone. He just wants to make his music, sit back and chill with his family. It’s that old bit of wisdom that the most dangerous guy in the room is the one who just wants to be left alone, and you’re fucking with him.
2) He’s nice. He’s real fucking nice. He’s so nice, if he gets on a track with you, you are not going to be friends anymore cause you’ll get murdered on your own shit.
This is grown up rap. This is almost-40-and-still-ill-music. The kind of shit that hip hop needs to bridge that gap and answer the question of what happens when rappers get past their wild youth. The voice and flow meet the beat and ride through your eardrums down through your soul. It’s hip hop at its finest and if you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you.

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