Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yelawolf Channels Johnny Cash "Till It's Gone"

It's been over a month since I last posted to Blood Is One and, no, music has neither dried up nor have I lost interest in posting here. In fact, quite the opposite - some really good music has been coming out. Let's look at some of it!

Yelawolf is a big, big fan of Johnny Cash. He even has a tattoo of Johnny Cash's wedding photo on the side of his head. As an iconoclastic mixed Native American/white rapper from the heart of Alabama, it certainly makes sense. Johnny Cash isn't the only country singer of significance but he is arguably the most significant country singer of all time. Cash's talent was so raw that he could take damn near any song of any genre and make the best version of it anyone ever heard.

Johnny played around with sound on his last album, Ain't No Grave. There's plenty of sound effects going on there - the dragging of chains and funeral organs. Johnny had one hell of a producer on board with him, Rick Rubin, but Rubin's work was so simple and played perfectly with Johnny's vocals. Check it out:

Yelawolf's fondness for Johnny Cash has yet to be fully realized until now - he has alot more creative freedom than he did when he was starting out. "Til It's Gone" utilizes sounds right out of the Johnny Cash handbook with handclaps that are almost reminiscent of Santa Esmerelda.

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