Friday, May 13, 2016

Paul's Cousin - Get In Gear

Hello all - I haven't blogged with Blood Is One since late 2014. I may make a few returns.

Paul's Cousin is a hip-hop project out of New Jersey, spearheaded by Al Miller, a friend of mine. The production to "Get In Gear" is exceptional - the horns are tough and the soul symbols are aptly done. The group is made up completely of Al and his cousins, Nitty, Dubb and Haze Brown and a collaboration with Drone Beats, a longtime producer and collaborator.

I really liked Donny Hathaway's sample in this and the layering of horns is always a plus in hip-hop (horns go together in hip-hop like birds and bees). Blood Is One has been inactive since 2014 but I hope to keep it active as long as Al sends me material. Best of luck, man!

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