Saturday, March 26, 2011

Presenting Game Brothas!

I met Kemal a.k.a. "Mallski Wallski" in a college class in California. Probably not the ideal settings for a musical rendezvous but what is? Kemal has a lot of words bubbling up inside of him and has hince attracted to the too distant worlds of journalism, scholarship and hip-hop.

Instead of doing a proper interview, I thought I would just relay some of the stories he's told me. Young Kemal has toured up and down the west coast, from Portland up through Spokane. Both areas are serious white supremacist territory, and he relayed a story of seeing a really pissed off skinhead biker on the way through Portland. Spokane had a "surprisingly" big turnout for a hip-hop show, and according to him it was made up of a whole lot of Native Americans, more than he had ever seen.

His group has quite a few videos available on YouTube and a presence on Twitter. Here's some of their most popular videos:

We're still trying to get Kemal to contribute here at BOI. Maybe this post will encourage him.

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