Friday, June 24, 2011

Chris Brown Ends "Stupid" Odd Future Beef

Beef and competition has been a regular part of hip hop, from the tragic and personal (Biggie and Tupac) to the personal and comical (Eminem and Mariah Carey). It looks like this time the mindlessness of it all has gotten to Chris Brown with his recent spat with Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator and Odd Future:
"This beef sh*t is stupid, @frank_ocean I respect ya music and you and Odd Future! Ain't beefing wit nobody. Y'all can have that! Love," Brown tweeted June 23rd. (Chris Brown's Twitter)

That basically provides a neat, polite and humble end to the feud that Tyler the Creator helped accelerate:

Following Friday's Twitter feud between Odd Future and Chris Brown, the hip-hop collective played the House of Blues in their hometown of Los Angeles on Saturday night. Before performing "She" with Frank Ocean, frontman Tyler, the Creator lamented about MTV banning the song's video while sharing his dream to one day win a VMA. But it wasn't long before the crowd reignited the fire, chanting, "F**k Chris Brown!" OFWGKTA members hurled insults ("He's a loser") at the blond singer and Tyler chimed in, saying, "He beats up women, he's a b*tch." (Rap-Up)

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