Friday, June 24, 2011

Tech N9ne- All 6's and 7's (review) by Mark A. Harris


           Tech N9ne has become everything he has wanted to be. After starting Strange Music with Travis O’Guin in 1999, he has kept making music and never looked back. Selling over a million albums combined, producing sold out tours, and having his music featured in numerous media outlets, Tech has finally reached the prime of independent popularity. With the release of All 6’s and 7’s, the world gets to recognize what the hype has been all about. For the man known as Aaron Dontez Yates, it means he has to demonstrate his ability to engulf listeners into his realm of thinking. 

            To put it lightly, Tech N9ne’s music is shocking, mesmerizing, and amazing all in one fell stroke. 

            Knowing that this album would put him into the understanding of the mainstream, he had to make sure that all of his dedicated followers and supporters are never forgotten. With that understanding, “Technicians” gathers up all of his followers to come together in unison. Even the “Military” skit right after that song rallies the troops. Many could have gone the commercial route and ignored their supporters. Tech N9ne, however, chose to have them spread his Strange Music message.

            To address any issues about whom he is, Tech N9ne makes sure he did it with flair and flagrance. “Mental Giant” makes sure people understand just what type of “narcissist” he really is over a haunting sample. “Am I a Psycho?” addresses whether or not he is crazy. With the assistance of Hopsin and the ever lyrically adept B.O.B, Tech goes in on what people SHOULD think of him and why. With all those issues addressed, Tech makes sure that people get an understanding of who he is: a man that is in love with making music. 

            Let us not be fooled, though: Aaron does take the time to get conceptual and eerie within his own mind. “Strangeland” gets into his mind through the popularity of his music. Learning that his monetary aspirations transformed to being a motivator of many, he realizes “they adore him even when they can’t afford him”. “Cult Leader” makes sure that people understand he is NOT any type of cult leader. He even explains the meaning of the colors he tends to wear (ha!). Meanwhile, “Boogieman” lets Stokley of Mind Condition take listeners on an internal night ride within Tech’s mind (with a warped rhyming tone). While he minimalizes all negativity, Tech maximizes on understanding and clarification. 

            Even after all of this, Tech N9ne finds time to serve some audible treats for the ladies. “F*ck Food” helps the ladies understand what he, Lil Wayne and T-Pain enjoys dining on (hint: it can’t be stir fried). “Overtime” is that sexual jam that lends itself to going the extra mile. With his signature rapid fire flow, Tech works to “punch in the clock” and become “her energy drink”. Even with the harder hitting “Pornographic”, he has fun with Krizz Kaliko, E-40 and Snoop Dogg talking about all the freaky women out there. It is safe to say that, even with all the attention and touring, he can take time to “eat ‘em like Digiornio”. 

            Still, there is confirmation that Tech has unresolved issues within himself. “Delusional” covers the once again annoying issue of him being a “cult leader”. Yet, it seems as if the issues tend to get at him. “So Lonely” makes the listener understand that the mental giant can feel alone on his own personal beanstalk. The feelings of stardom still haven’t resonated with him personally, if the song says anything. “If I Could” addresses the issues with touring and actually having children. He still has to deal with the dichotomy of being a star and being a worthy father. In the end, Tech N9ne has the same issues that many others have tearing at the skin of his soul. 

            By the time the album ends, anybody that was not aware of “Tech N9ne the artist” will understand “Tech N9ne the man”. Yes, he does have unresolved issues. No, he is not some cult leader. He is just a regular guy with an extraordinary gift with word play. His aspirations has become bigger than he could have ever imagined. He is trying to cope with that. Listen to the music. It is his coping mechanism. 

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!

 Now, go buy this album!

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