Monday, August 1, 2011

DC Retroactive

Wow, so I just found out about this series of comic books from DC, called the "Retro-Active" series. Each series apparently has new writers and artists going back and revisiting an era of DC Comics full on with the given aesthetic of the period.

Marvel Comics has done some similar stuff with their First Class series and the X-Factor Forever one shot but all the same, it never really went full throttle into bringing in the old visuals as well. To be able to accurately channel an artistic style that is not practiced any longer by any of your peers and that you have never used in your regular work takes alot of skill.

Comic books are certainly passed the environment horizon in which they once had to make each adaptation effectively for an audience that studios assumed didn't like comic books aesthetically or as a creative form. The X-Men: First Class film presented the X-Men as a superhero team in a period piece, without any apologies and even with the adoption of bright blue and yellow costumes. Perhaps we'll see some similar blasts from the past from DC's studios?

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