Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marvel Tries Hands At Audio Drama With "Daredevil"

I love audio drama and once wrote an entire article on the subject for the music magazine Mstation. Marvel is doing a Daredevil audio drama, under the appropriate pretext of marketing towards blind fans of the character (appropriate because the character of Daredevil is himself blind):

Since his inception in 1964, Daredevil has stood out as a unique figure in comic books: A blind man able to leap through the air and battle evil thanks to a special radar enhancing his other senses. The Man Without Fear has been a Marvel stalwart for nearly 50 years as well as a representative of the visually-impaired in popular fiction, but up to this point, those deprived of sight themselves have had to rely on friends reading them copies of DAREDEVIL in order to experience Matt Murdock's adventures.

About a month ago, Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker came up with the idea to record an audio edition of DAREDEVIL #1 so that the visually-impaired could enjoy the dawn of a new era for DD, his friends and his enemies. Additionally, this special project provides those who can see with a new take on what's already being hailed as one of the best comics of 2011.

DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid provides full panel descriptions directly from his script on this audio edition, while Marvel editors Tom Brennan, Ellie Pyle and Jordan D. White lent their voices to Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Kirsten McDuffie and Foggy Nelson, with White and Wacker also providing additional vocals. Video Editor Todd Wahnish recorded the piece, Associate Editor Ben Morse directed and Jordan White edited the final recording.

Enjoy the audio edition of DAREDEVIL #1, and if you've got a friend who'se visually-impaired, please share this with them.

And don't forget to pick up DAREDEVIL #2, on sale this week!

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