Friday, June 3, 2011

Meeting Your Idol: Rita's Story Of Meeting Eminem

QueenMathers, or Rita, is a Twitter user that Blood Is One follows on Twitter. Rita managed to meet her idol Eminem, who she has been a fan of for twelve years, and get a photo of him! (The photo is above.) Here's her story from her own words:

Well, I happened to find a thing online that mentioned that Em and Dre were filming the music video to "I Need A Doctor." I work at a movie studio and it was filming only a few miles away so I headed straight to the address after work. I was in nicer clothes, and I kept my badge on so I looked nice and official, that way people wouldn't question what I was doing as much, as compared to just random people without an official badge. So as I was walking around I found a bunch of trailers and stuff but after a while I found out it wasn't the music video so I started losing hope because I didn't see ANYWHERE else they could've been filming.

So finally I grew a pair and just decided to work my badge. So I went up to random security and was like, "Hi, my friend turned her phone off and I can't find her. She's working on the music video with Dr. Dre and Eminem, do you happen to know where that is?"...and guess what? He told me EXACTLY where they were haha. So I found it...and it was hidden in an alley way where you wouldn't know that the biggest artist alive was hanging out in. So I waited in this creepy alley way...and NO ONE bothered me. Security walked by and just smiled at me. So after a good 45 minutes Dr. Dre comes walking towards me...but he was walking with his daughter...AND i didn't want to blow my cover (that I was a crazy fan) and have them get rid of me before Eminem came out...So I just let him pass. We made eye contact...but that was it. (He also had body guards...but I figured if Eminem was NOT there, I would get a picture with him whenever he came back from lunch). So after another 30 minutes I'm looking down, and when I pop my head back comes Eminem walking with like 3 security guards, his manager, and like 15 more people from the music video shoot. At this point he was like 20 feet away from me...I was shaking, freaking out...and didn't know if I could say anything because he was SURROUNDED. So I just pretended to text on my phone so no one even ASSUMED I would bother him...and right when he walked by me I FINALLY got the urge to just STUTTER in a quiet voice "Em....." (came out sounding like a little boy going through puberty) but he didn't hear me so I finally was like "EMINEM!" really loudly...still stuttering. He heard me this time and looked me right in the eyes and I literally froze.

I was like "Uhhhhh hi, can I possibly have a picture with you?" He asked, who I assume was Paul (Rosenberg) BUT, I couldn't tell you because my eyes could LITERALLY only see Em, NOTHING else. Whoever he asked said yes and he was like "yeah sure" and he waved me to him(I was sitting down). So I quietly was like "ohhh myyy god, I'm such a big fan, you have NO idea"...he sweetly thanked me. Put his arm around me, took the picture....I said something else (at this point I basically blacked out from joy) and I don't remember what I said but I know he said thank you again. And then we said our goodbyes. It was INCREDIBLE. I mean we barely said much to each other because I couldn't exactly utter anything out...and you can tell he's all shy and reserved...just like you would think. And the best part was after I took the pic all the people that were working on the music video that were with him kind of gave me this "Fuck you I can't even get a damn picture with him" look. 

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