Sunday, July 28, 2013

Destro Destructo "Filthy" Ft. JFK

I heard someone at JFK's last show tell me that they're from Portland and that there's no hip-hop scene in Portland. I was like "WTF?"

There is an underground hip-hop scene EVERYWHERE - the island of Guam had one when I was there, for Goodness' sake. Portland hasn't had its own Macklemore yet but Destro Destructo, one third of the group Boom Bap Project, is a Portland State alum and has put out some really solid rap music. Check out his album "Day Of The Dead" and this song "Filthy."

Destro puts his soul in to his music - it's all about his struggles, not shooting guns or wearing jewels or whatever. Really solid, empowering stuff.


 Here's a little more from Destro - really honest rapping, "If you can download it for free, why make the register break?"


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