Friday, July 5, 2013

The Value of Tangibility

We live in a very digital world now - where a quick Google search can result in a free copy of most of the music ever recorded on this planet. So it seems strange that an individual would value any music record at all, right? That's not the case, at least for me. Despite all of the chaos in my personal life, I have kept and secured a copy of German-American musician Jessie Evans' Is It Fire? The packaging is not that amazing - it's the same sort of paper case that most promotional CDs come in. Here's a music video for one of the tracks on Is It Fire? - "Let Me On:"


 I got the album back in 2007 - at the time I was writing for this internet magazine called The editor wrote a piece on Evans (he is based in Europe) - who had been doing this strange sort of Afro/Latin blend while living in Germany, of all places. I didn't pay for it - it was free. I'm not sure if digital music or physical music is better. If I'd lost Evans' work a couple years ago, I could easily have just obtained it all over again through a quick Google search. It's a miracle that I have a physical copy still six years on.

 With the documentary on the Seattle rap scene that my friend Dyllyn Greenwood and I are working to produce, I really do hope that we will be able to generate a physical copy i.e. a DVD. I want to have liner notes and everything - though all sorts of economic and logistical reasons and factors may end up making that really difficult. If people were to really like what we produce, I think having a physical copy of something they enjoy will really impact people and make the experience a lasting one.

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