Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jason Datuin's DFRNT Take

With Sonny Bonoho, JFK of Grayskul and my article of Tanya Taimanglo's book Secret Shopper, there has been alot of coverage here of the efforts of Southeast Asian and Pacific Islanders in hip-hop and other creative outlets.

I lived on Guam for about four months. I experienced a nervous breakdown there so my community ties from there are moderate and not too significant at this point. It's not because of me personally that I post so much on Southeast Asians - they are a very significant part of hip-hop as it continues as a cultural entity. The creative entrepreneurship certainly abounds with my friend Jason Datuin, who is a Chamorro entrepreneur and creator of the clothing line DFRNT.

Because of how far out there it is geographically, not all clothing enterprises from the States end up coming to Guam at all. It's very common for folks like Datuin, who grow up there, to create their own line of clothing. DFRNT is a great clothing company - Datuin takes the hip-hop aesthetic but definitely models it in to a style that is very much of his own culture.

I had meant to post on Jason for a while and he finally gave me an excuse to do so with this mix of Dr. Dre he created for his friends. I'm not sure if Blood Is One will produce another mixtape at any point - this may have to do for now.

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