Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lord Jamar And A Few Clips Of Why It's Okay If You Hate Hip-Hop

You know I love hip-hop and all that - I very much appreciate the genre - but Jesus, I am getting tired of this crap. I have years when I consciously avoid rap and usually get pulled in by friends or a good record, only to want to leave due to assholes like this guy, Lord Jamar:


 I turned that off 3 minutes in because I'm not clueless enough to not see where the video was headed. What other great glimpse in to rap culture did we get from Vlad TV? "Obie Trice on Surviving Getting Shot in the Head."


 Yeah, so the stereotypes about this culture being ignorant and violent are certainly there for a reason. Ugh, I'm sure I'll come back in to it years from now - if the genre is kept alive by people like Macklemore, who aren't mentally retarded and don't hold mental retardation as some sort of cultural value.

Some moments really make me want to take Blood Is One and make it a general music site. It gets very embarrassing to say you like rap sometimes - for real. Alot of hip-hop doesn't only celebrate ignorance but celebrates willful ignorance. I wish these people knew how disgustaning they are. I hope Jamar realizes that there are substantial parts of the black population itself that hate hip-hop and it is precisely because of people like him or the culture that nearly killed Obie Trice that that is the case. Hip-hop was the first major musical genre to incorporate poetry in to popular music - people like Macklemore are the reason the genre will survive. People like Lord Jamar are why it might not.

I mean for real, Jamar, what do you want? Maybe listening before you speak would be a good idea before lecturing white rappers - Macklemore recorded songs like "White Privilege" and seems about as respectful towards the black community that came before as he could possibly be. It's you that has the respect problem. I can name more than a few rappers who are more than likely gay on the DL and even more gay or bisexual black celebrities - that's the reality and Macklemore's success shows that most people aren't down with ignorant rap anymore. And thank God for that.

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