Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Washed Up 50?

Curtis Jackson -

I listened to your song "Warning You." I can appreciate that you really want to get back in to the music industry and sell records again along with clothing lines, celebrity appearances and all that awesome stuff that comes with being famous.

I also get that your image is that of a "gangsta rapper" - your big thing when you made it big was getting shot 9 times and surviving. You posed with guns or throwing bullets dozens of times.

However, you know, as we all do, that gangsta rap is over. Like done like a baked potato. One of the biggest rappers in hip-hop, Macklemore, raps about gay marriage and second hand shopping. Kanye West is Kanye. Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf - some of these guys like to tough talk but none of them are gangsta rappers.

You are a smart guy - you collaborated with Robert Greene for a cool book that I liked alot - The 50th Law. You talk about all sorts of serious intellectual stuff in that book - why can't you do that in music? WTF? This music you're doing now makes no sense at all. You're tough talking about shooting people - shooting who? - over a Dubstep beat with Skylar Grey singing the hook. (Grey is a favorite of Eminem's too - she's a gifted singer but her singing sounds awkward with Marshall as well.)

You've probably noticed that your colleagues - Eminem, Snoop [Lion], Nas, Jay-Z - these people have all moved on. They have done new things and made new kinds of music. You're smart enough to rap about something else - this is just gross music. People are more intelligent than this - they know when something is real and this is about as real as processed cheese.


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