Saturday, September 21, 2013

The New Eminem Album Cover Is Sort Of Brilliant

I have hated on alot the newest single, "Berzerk," for Eminem's upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2 but I may have to take it back after seeing the possible cover:

Eminem is apparently trying to go back to his roots and I just don't get that with the song "Berzerk." I actually listened to it several times in hopes of figuring it out and it still didn't make sense. MMLP 2 was an extremely dark, dark album with an abruptly upbeat and fake song in "The Real Slim Shady" and I imagine this will be similar. This is the original album cover for the Marshall Mathers LP, all the way back in 2000:

The real Eminem can be pretty depressing and hardcore - he usually brings out the "Without Me" or "My Name Is" Slim Shady to get radio play. This cover is sort of brilliant though, in more ways than one. Detroit has become a worse place along with the rest of America - for the house he grew up in to be condemned now is really poignant and says as much as needs to be said about how the world has changed. Eminem has made alot of public service posts in advocacy of Detroit before so I imagine he choose this cover on purpose.

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